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Channelled by Thoth through Maria Lobato.


Unveil the secrets of Thoth and embark on a journey of discovery.

Inside this powerful and thought-provoking account, you’ll be taken on a journey exploring the nature and mythos surrounding Thoth – the revered god of wisdom and magic. Imbued with profound knowledge and lucid detail, each chapter brings this story to life in an all-new way, revealing ancient wisdom and answers to life’s fundamental questions.

Through 16 breath-taking chapters, you’ll watch as the knowledge of the cosmos unfolds, offering a unique perspective on life, death, growth, and humanity. It shows us the divine nature of the universe, along with the immense power we’ve been granted as a collective species.

Designed to cultivate your inner power and help you experience a journey of self-discovery, this book speaks in equally practical and enlightening terms about consciousness, the mysteries of the universe, and the energies which permeate all things. Perfect for searchers of thought-provoking wisdom, fans of the metaphysical, and anyone interested in the mythos surrounding this ancient deity, inside you’ll find an illuminating look at concepts including rebirth, the astral plane, and other realms.

Illusion by Thoth - Maria Lobato

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