So often, we go through our daily lives, not touching on, or talking of the profound and elemental – those beings that open our hearts and minds, and connect with our soul.

‘Roots of Light’ has been created to do exactly that. It is an evocative, soothing and empowering album for Mind, Body and Spirit. Deeply relaxing, each song takes you on an expansive and ethereal journey which bypasses the chaotic workings of the Mind, and goes straight to the Heart. Transporting you to a place of Peace, Light, Love, Hope and Inspiration. A place where we can expand our Consciousness and connect to the wonders of the Universe and the One-ness of Creation.


13 Tracks

1hr 2mins

Vocals, Ocean Harp, Guitar, Native American Drone Flute, Shamanic Drum, Percussion, Sounds from Mother Nature.


“These songs speak more than just words they convey beauty and truth, heart and soul. Buy this music of earth bound spirit and receive a beautifully crafted album in all its glory. You won’t be disappointed” A.Fisher

Roots Of Light by Iza Moon. (CD)